Quarantine log #17

It’s 4:02 in the PM right now and for a change I’m listening to rain sounds on Alexa rather than ocean sounds. Today is my 46th day in quarantine and I don’t think so it’s going to end anytime soon. My city is in red zone and even if our government has given some relaxations like going out for important stuff like food and medicines, lots of people are still preferring to stay indoors if there is no need to step out. Plus the areas around my place are closed down with barricades so that only pedestrians can go through.

Today, we are going to take it little slow and talk about the importance of being in present. I think lot of us underestimate the importance of living here, in the present moment. It’s not the past, nor the future but this moment itself. I for one has lived a lot in my past and it’s not nice. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Maybe you are living in your past and you don’t even know about it because for a long time I didn’t. People who live in past:

  • Keep revisiting the past memories too often

  • Things in the present trigger them to think of all the things that happened in the past

  • Their self talk is all about the things which happened with them in their past

  • Their present day responses feel like they are still there, in that past moment (which maybe was dangerous or painful)

I have been there and trust me if you are there too, you are missing out on a lot. You are missing out on the beauty of the moment in which you are alive and safe. Maybe you have been through something but life is here and not in the moments which have already passed. You survived that and this present moment is your reward, your life and if you are not here then you are not really living your best life. You need to be in touch of the moment you are living in and not in touch of the moment you have already lived. It’s gone and you don’t need to relive the past in your present.

For me, the change started to happen when the quarantine began. It felt like the time has slowed down and I was no longer in hurry for anything and this is where I realised what I have been doing to myself. That slowing down of everything made me come face to face with my present.

It was like before the quarantine, my mind and the world around me were always running and not catching a breath for a single second and once the quarantine happened, my mind and the world around me were not in sync anymore. My mind was still running at 100 km/hr and the world or the time had slowed down to 10km/hr and that made me see the old thinking and habit patterns I was still following in the present.

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If you are someone who is going through something like this, it’s not your fault. It’s like there was a moment when we needed to have a fight or flight response and we did very well in that moment and now that moment is over but we are not aware of it. Our mind and body is still there and the only person who can tell you that whatever it was is over now, is you. It’s you who needs to tell yourself that you are safe now and get your mind back to the moment it should be living in. There is a simple trick which will help you get more in touch with your present and I know it works because I have used it myself.

Sit straight and close your eyes. Now think of three things you are able to feel on your skin or your body. It can be the chair you are sitting on, your bed sheet or your clothes or the wind or whatever it is for you. Now think of three things you can smell; it can be the plants in your room, something being cooked in your kitchen or anything. After this think of think of three things you can hear and listen closely. It can be your fan, your AC, the pages of the open book making noise because of the air or wind. Stay in the moment and focus on it and it might be a little difficult in the beginning so don’t worry. After some moments open your eyes and think of three things you are looking at. Doing this will make you see, feel, hear and sense the present and make you get in touch with it. You can do this as often as you want to.

I hope it helps.

S E E Y A !! C I A O !!


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture credits : @karoliinas on pinterest

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