Quarantine log #16

It’s 1:50 in the PM right now and I’m sitting in my room wondering about what should I do next. I was finally able to grab parchment paper today from my nearby store (no, I didn’t go out but I called them and asked them to deliver) and I can finally see myself baking some healthy chips and cookies at home. So, I’m gonna try that today and let you know guys tomorrow that how did it turn out. I’m working on last few pages of my book today after this and then it’s going to be available on Kindle for reading. Everything is done including the cover, name, the author’s page and everything and I’m so excited for it. Details for the book will be available on my blog’s home page very soon. After that I’m gonna start working on my next book, for which I have already come up with a title and that will be disclosed soon too.

So, let’s talk about something which I came across on Instagram yesterday. One person asked a question which said that why are we humans always so keen on finding flaws in all the things? Why can’t we just simply accept them without being judgemental about them? Is it the generations of mental conditioning or is it something inbuilt in us that no matter how hard we try we will always look for the flaws first? Let me know your views in the comments below.

I think it’s the years of mental conditioning. We have always seen around us people always pointing out the flaws in other people and things. We end up saying things like,”She is beautiful but it would be perfect if she wasn’t so fat” or “He looks good but it would be better if he was earning more” or even “You look good now that you have lost fat but you looked cute when you were chubby.”

I mean why can’t we just see how beautiful things or people are sometimes without pointing at the flaws. Everybody has them, even the people who are pointing them out are not without them. So, why can’t we look at the beauty of the people and things around us without putting the very big but in between and completing the sentence with a flaw.

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Just yesterday, I came across a post on Instagram of a Hollywood singer Adele. This women has shed a lot of pounds to get the body maybe she always wanted and trust me the comment box was full of things like you look good but you should be a little chubby. Like really? Why is that we have to find a flaw in everything we look at?

Let’s start appreciating the things and people around us the way they are and stop looking at all the flaws for once. I’m sure life will get more beautiful that way. We have seen elders doing that around us and I’m pretty sure that this is where we picked this habit from and we don’t do this to just other people but ourselves too. When we look at ourselves in mirror we look at our flaws first. Maybe, that’s why we do the same thing to others. I know it’s not the fault of our parents or elders just like it’s not ours fault but we do have the power to change that from now on so that the future generations have the potential to look at things and accept them just the way they look sometimes.

S E E Y A !! C I A O !!


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture credits : Illustration by Laura Callaghan on Tumblr

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