Quarantine log #12

Updated: May 5, 2020

It’s 2:47 in the PM right now. Today is Monday and I’m happy because Mondays are like a fresh start to a whole new week. New ideas, new things to work on and new opportunities. Today, my country (India) has moved to the status of partial lockdown from complete lockdown and within few hours of that people were outside liquor shops without maintaining and adhering to social distancing. If we are being honest here then I would say I’m scared. We all knew that there will be a day when we would need to step back into the world and no longer we will be able to stay safe inside our homes. Well, partially that day is here. Government offices have opened up with 100% work force and privates with 33%. The scary part is that vaccination is still not there. Nothing has changed in this lockdown except giving our governments some time on their hands to prepare for the worst. Practically, I’m stepping out in the same world I was told to with hold from and stay inside.

I for one thought that being in lockdown was scary but the scary part has just began. It’s being out there and living in the world where a disease is spreading and cure is still not in the market. Well, it’s normal to be scared because this is officially scary and by not accepting that, we will make it worse. Being scared is smart sometimes. It saves you and keeps you alive and doesn’t let you do anything stupid. So, today I wanna let you know that if anything scares you in your life ever, then it’s okay. You are allowed to feel that. Sure, living in a constant state of fear is not healthy for your mind and body. For that you need to watch out for what you are feeling scared of but in most cases our body is in the state of fear because it feels like it needs to stay protected and safe from something. That’s not bad. Feeling scared doesn’t make you less brave or strong but it’s being smart sometimes. Imagine if I was going out in the crowd of people infected with the virus saying I’m not scared, well that’s foolish. This is not the sign of a brave person, this is the sign of a stupid person and you gotta learn to tell the difference between them.

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Right now, the need of an hour is to feel scared because you don’t wanna think that the world we are going to live in now has become any safer. That thought is going to get you in trouble. You need to be scared so that you wash your hands hundred times in a day like a freak. You need to be scared so that you don’t go rushing into the arms of people who have just come from outside. You need to be scared so that you don’t step out without masks and gloves, thinking it’s okay to breathe in people’s faces and touch surfaces and things you don’t know are clean are not. You need to be scared because it’s going to help you stay alive.


Signing out while listening to the same old ocean sounds on my Alexa device.

S E E Y A ! C I A O !!


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture credits : @moreartsdeign on Instagram

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