Quarantine log #11

It’s Sunday and I’m sitting in my room, listening to the ocean sounds on Alexa and picturing myself sitting by the ocean with my partner once this is all over and the world is back to being a happy place. A world, where we don’t have to be paranoid enough to wash our hands like 100 times in a day. Sitting by a nice tropical ocean with him would be the very first thing on my to-do list of things I want to do once this lockdown is over. Let me know what will be yours in the comments below?

So, you must be thinking that what’s for today? Well, today’s topic didn’t come of easy because I have written one thing or the other in today’s entry and deleted it like many times. These entries are supposed to be raw and real and if something isn’t coming straight from my heart, it cannot go on my blog. Hence, I decided to keep everything aside and stopped trying hard. I do that when my brain storming brings me uninspired results, you gotta let the creative juices in your head work for a while on their own when nothing else is working out. Okay, enough with the tips. Let’s start talking.

Today, we are gonna talk about us as a human race, not like individual people. It’s been around 200,000 years since modern humans have existed. We have achieved a lot and learnt a lot from our mistakes and we are still learning but we do need to agree that we have come a long way. We have built a great world in which we are quite happy. Our growth and development as a civilisation is something which is increasing year after year. We hope and strive to reach a point where we can have control over every aspect of the world we are living in and I do believe that to some extent it’s possible. But, there will always be something which will be beyond our control. It’s like a race and once you get hold over one thing, something else will come up and show us that we were never in control. That’s what this pandemic was for us.

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Now, I don’t mean to scare you with that but lots of human civilisations have taken birth and fallen; the mayas, romans, incan and we as modern humans are just one of the many civilisations in the history of human existence. This pandemic has shown us that we are vulnerable, very very vulnerable and we need to change that. It’s like we have built a very beautiful house with best of the things in it but we forgot to install the security system. It has shown us that we can do better when it comes to how we treat our planet and the resources on it. If we do that the world we live in can change for the better. I believe this pandemic is like a mid term exam for a kid to see where does he stand and if it’s not where he should be then it’s time to change the course of action. We are that kid and we cannot go back to the way things were because we need to change the things for better.

Signing out while I listen to the thunder and the raindrops falling on the ground. It’s raining.


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by : @xoxo_rini on Instagram

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