Quarantine log #10

Hey, everyone. Today is Saturday, 2nd of May 2020 and 39th day of the nation-wide lockdown. It was supposed to end on the 3rd of may but the government has increased it for 2 more weeks by dividing the states in my country in three zones; red, orange and green. So, my city which is New Delhi, India falls under the Red zone which means that no relaxations are given in this extended lockdown to the general public. I wouldn’t say that I’m surprised, I saw it coming. How do I feel about it? Honestly, not the best but as I have said till now in my every post, there is a way around it. Right now, It’s 12:45 PM and I’m trying to sleep again even I did wake up at 6 after completing 8 hours of sleep because I wanna be awake at night. I know it’s weird but sleeping at night and waking up in morning is my version of messed up schedule. So, today let’s talk about regrets. When the thought of creating a quarantine log came to my mind, I had already been in quarantine for around 28 or 29 days and I regretted not starting this on the day one itself. I regretted not being able to think something like this in the very beginning and for a split second I thought what’s the point now and that’s where I realised that by not starting it on even the 29th day of quarantine, I will regret not working up on the idea of creating something like this in future and sure there is no way I would want to waste my time on that.

So even if I was a little late, I started. In our life we may get the chance or thought of doing certain things later than we were supposed to do it and that’s okay. But, just because we got late doesn’t mean we don’t have to act at all. Sure, you are adding two more things in your kitty to regret about in later years of your life that way.

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Today, this is what you have right now in your hands and by not using it wisely you are creating a future full of regrets. Even if you are 30 today and want to be an actor, do it. If you spent half of your life in studying for becoming an amazing lawyer and today you wanna be a singer I would say just go ahead, work on that. If you didn’t tell someone that you love them for last one year and luckily still have them in your life, go today and tell them how much they mean to you. You are never late and I think this quarantine season can help you with that. You have a good amount of time on your hands right now and if there is anything you regret not acting upon something in your life, do it. (Just make sure it doesn’t involve going out lol)

Signing out while I’m listening to relaxing sounds on Alexa and smiling upon another brilliant idea that just came to my mind!

H A P P Y W E E K E N D ! ! C I A O ! !


Written by Rebekka Kaur

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