Quarantine log #1

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

It’s 10:39 in the AM as I’m writing this and I still don’t know why I couldn’t think of doing this earlier. I haven’t slept for whole night because being in Quarantine has messed up my schedule on a whole different level but I’m happy. Happy because I’m well, alive and writing this, that there is plate full of oranges by my side right now and a cup full of lemon water. A part of me wants to writes this because maybe I want to remember this time for all the good reasons rather than the bad and I want the same for the people reading this too. So, for today if I start counting with the positives of it, I would say that I’m not eating a lot of food from outside which is good for the mind and body! Not that my taste buds do not miss it, I do miss a lot of food and for sure I’m going to taste some of it once its over but being in quarantine has made me understand that my body will do more than fine without it and all that our bodies always need is a nutritious wholesome meal which feeds us and do not rip the goodness out of it. The other good thing which this quarantined season can offer you is that it can make you reach out to the people with whom you haven’t reached out in years and for me it was my cousin. It made me realise that how in the hustle bustle of daily life I could not reach out to her for years and how growing up she was my best sister. Glad that she still is even when we were literally apart for years. So, I hope that this is enough for you to get started with today which maybe is going to be filled with little more of sunshine and hope.

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Closing down today as I hear my partner trimming down the leaves of jade bonsai he is making currently! Without him there is no way I was going to survive this!

S E E Y A ! C I A O !

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Written by Rebekka Kaur

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