Let's fly away to the place

where we soak in the light

of stars & time isn't captured

in the shifting of two hands

of a thing called the clock.

Where the embers of dying

stars & fierceness of space dust

re-incarnating isn't millions of

light-years away from us.

Where the depth of the ocean

doesn't scare us but it's

a place where we have

build our homes.

Where the black holes are not

an end but a window through

which we peek into

this polygalactic cosmos.

Where our souls immerse into

the final light of the

the dying universe and then emerge

from the first light when its


In this poem, I'm talking about a place which many of you have seen in their dreams only or must have dreamt about it with their open eyes and that's why the name Oneiric. It means of or relating to dreams. Have you never thought there is a universe out there where the rules of this universe don't apply? Where the light of stars isn't as far away from our eyes as it's now? where the depth of oceans doesn't scare us? Where the black holes are not the end but a window through which we peek int polygalactic cosmos. Polygalactic is formed of two words; poly and galactic. Poly means many or much and galactic means relating to a galaxy or galaxies. I hope this poem takes you to places far beyond the reach of human imagination.

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