On an Interstellar Ark

So, I walked through a black hole

for the first time at the speed of

40o light-years per second in an

interstellar ark, all alone because

I was on a quest.

A real lover, questing after her love.

Sending frequencies of the song we danced

to in every nook & corner of the universe.

Under the quilt of dark matter and

the caves of the Barron lands of rogue planets,

I checked everywhere for you.

Jumping from one universe to the other

through the windows which defy space & time,

But you were nowhere to be seen.

So, I made my last call to the place

my ark departed from,

One last time to let them know that

I'm not coming back without you &

I play our song one last time because it will

be the best rhythm at which my body will lose its soul.

Everything was at peace & I take in the view.

That's when I see you.

When the whole universe around me

was immune to the song I played,

I saw a star dancing on it, too-da-doo

Once again I turned my gears towards

the luminosity of that star finally landing on a

space which was meant for me to meet you.

An interstellar ark, it seemed like a better word than the regular spaceship. Isn't it!? The ark came from the ship in the story of Noah's ark and Interstellar completed its meaning; making it look a little more convenient and understandable. So, this poem is about a lover who is in search of her love. She has hopped on from one galaxy to another and so on but still she is far from completing her quest. When everything seems hopeless and she decides that there is no way she is going to go back without her love. She decides to finally let go of the world around her and rest in the lap of the universe but then a few seconds before she could die! Something happens and it changes the whole story.

- Rebekka Kaur

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Picture by: @m_a_visuals (Instagram)


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