Oceanic Adios

So, I am diving deep and

going to rest in the depth of the

blue oceans in fear of

being consumed by the empty

voids which are formed right in

the middle of people's hearts.

I am scared that I will disappear

Blackhole. star losing its way.

It’s like a star losing it’s way

When it starts nearing upon a

It’s like a star losing its way

So, I am diving deep and

going to rest in the depth of the

blue oceans hoping that someone

is going to sit along the coast

someday trying to decode the

messages I’m going to send hidden

in the waves which reach the shore.

the messages which will speak of

my whereabouts.

That day I will believe that It will

be worth coming back.

Until then,


It’s like a star losing its waye world around us. No matter how hard we are trying, sometimes there is no escape and in those moments you look for a safe place. A place where you can hide and be away from the darkness trying to consume the light in you. This poem is inspired by those times. What is your safe place when you feel consumed by the world around you? let me know in the comments below.

- Rebekka Kaur

Picture credits: @diztantdreamer on Instagram

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