My odyssey

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

My odyssey fiction poem by Rebekka Kaur

I was on the other side of where

the idea of infinity starts for

the people living on earth,

Ready to cross the traffic jam

of space dust, stars, and nebulas,

making my way through the

no man's land and then finally

hoping on to the last train

of this cosmos decade that

journeys towards your galaxy,

giving off a part of

my consciousness which had

all the past memories in

exchange of the ticket for that train.

That's how I plotted my way till home,

that's how I plotted my way till you.

What if on the other side of a black hole is another world and all that is between us is a fine traffic jam of galaxies, stars, nebulas and space dust! Imagine crossing that in few minutes and knocking on the gate of a whole different world! This poem talks about a person's wanderings and adventures which are filled with galactic experiences, all taken to reach that one person who is home. Finally, leaving that black hole and catching the train from there which journeys towards home. Whom do you think you would cross that black tunnel lit with light trapped inside it from gazillion years for?! Share it with that person!

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Photo by Toni Ivanov from Pexels

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