Updated: Sep 17, 2020

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April 3,

It's Friday night and

it must be dark outside,

I think.

But then I climb the two set of

staircase going towards the 109 yards

of open space and as I step in it,

I realize the moon is waxing.

So, I let myself bath in the

sterling silver light of 11 days

old moon.

In that moment I do not question

what am I? or the

design which this universe is

forming every second.

Frankly, I stop questioning

because this is what moon

does to you.

It bewitches you, darling.

Through your eyes it

gets under your skin and

before you know, you are

M O O N K I S S E D.

It's 10 PM and I think that there must be dark outside, literally no light. But when I step under the open sky I see my house resting peacefully under the silver light and that's when I look up to see how beautiful the stars and moon look in the absence of lights from the tall buildings and offices and malls. My city just like hundreds of other cities around the world is experiencing lockdown and the nightlife of people has almost ceased to exist. I cannot help but notice the skies clearing up day by day and night by night during this quarantine.

Which city are you from?

let me know in the comments below 🌤


Poem by Rebekka Kaur

Picture: Unknown

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