Meteor shower

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"It will clear up"

I told him as I listened to the

raindrops falling on the ground beneath us,

His hands were in mine and

my eyes were closed

because i didn't really want to miss

a single moment of the minutes

coated in a luxury we call love,

I couldn't afford to be distracted

by the visual details of it.

Soon, the rain stopped because

I couldn't hear the sound of it

anymore and

So, I opened my eyes to him staring

at the thin skin of my face as If he could

see the the rush of blood under it.

just like I stare at the

stars as if I can see

the nuclear reaction going on

in the core of their surfaces;

and before he could say anything,

I almost screamed,

look up, it's happening.

The meteor is here.

He came closer and

whispered in my ears,

I am seeing it in the eyes

of a girl who will make it's fierceness

melt and who will store the space dust this

meteor is leaving in it's trail

forever in her eyes.

Now, this is something different than my usual but still not so different because I couldn't leave out the astronomical element out of it. This poem reminds me of one of the scenes from "The vampire diaries" in which Damon and Elena are standing in rain for the rain to clear up and I exactly remember one of Elena's dialogue, "wait! It will clear up."

That's how I decided to start my poem. I was one big fan of this TV series and still I am.

Which TV series from your teens is still your favorite? 📺

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Poem by Rebekka Kaur

Picture : @gyung_studio from Instagram

The artwork is so so amazing

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