Memory lane 57

chinese lane with colorful shops

I am walking down the side street

of memory lane number 57,

It's raining there and every souvenir

that I collected from people and

places all my life is getting washed

off from my dusty perceptions,

I can see things which were

not there before,

perhaps some people were not

as insignificant as I thought them to be,

the street is hued in many colors,

maybe my life was not as

achromic as it seemed to me once,

The beauty of memory lane number 57

was lost in the dust of my perceptions

all these years,

I am glad it rained today.

This poem is about a person who is walking down the memory lanes of his life and looking at all the memories which he collected as a souvenir from people and places all his life. He is looking at how his perception has changed over time. It was not the same as it used to be. In the past, he has given less attention to some of the souvenirs because he thought that they weren't important and he used to see this street in black and white but it was always more than that. It was hued in many colors but he failed to see it. Since it rained today, he was able to see it all.

It tells us about how our perception of viewing different things changes over time in our life.


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: Matthew Lopz Art on Tumblr

Visit his profile to take a look at the lovely illustrations created by him ♡

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