London bus station

london double decker red bus

I looked at the moon,

sitting on the bench beside an old man


at the London bus station.

It was getting late but I was happy.

I wasn't alone.

I rested my head for a while on

the pole and closed my eyes,

thinking about when will I get home.

The sight of warm food and

a cup of coffee in my head made

me open my eyes and I was back in the zone.

"What's the time?"

I thought to myself and lifted up my

wrist to take a look at my bremont watch

which was gifted by my friend with whom

I shared a college dorm.

Surprisingly, the clock was stuck at

Q U A R T E R P A S T T H R E E.

"excuse me," I said without really lifting

my head up and assuming that the

old man was still sitting there,

reading with his curved backbone.

B U T H E W A S N' T T H E R E.

In fact, nobody was and I looked

around hoping I would find someone

or something but,

oh, boy I was so wrong.

It looked as if everything was frozen

except me but there it was,

my bus coming towards the station.

I hopped onto it without really

looking at what's inside the red coach

which I was on board,

heading towards east of Bedfont.

The bus was driverless with the only

passenger which was me.

I fainted because my brain couldn't

make sense anymore and so I just

decided to let go of reality and just drown.

Then I was on the bus with the old

man reading the newspaper, a driver

and other passengers when I opened my eyes,

"what just happened?"

I asked to I am not sure who and the

old man looked at me for a second,

not bothering to answer,

probably thinking I'm some dumb moron.

"We are sorry for the glitch."

said a billboard I passed by while my

ride on that bus

In this poem, a person is sitting at a London bus station beside an old man who is reading a newspaper. He is looking at the moon and is eager to go home just like he would on any other day but things turn out to be very different this time. He experiences what we call a glitch but not on a phone or a gadget. It's a real-life glitch that alters the reality for a few minutes.

Have you experienced any real-life glitches or heard about any?

let me know in the comments below ♥


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture source: Flickr

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