It's twilight

Updated: May 18, 2020

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Thursday, 5:45

It's twilight and

I am sitting under the earth sky,

wearing my yellow dress

and listening to an unknown

tune on an old music tape

which I found in the dusty,

dark attic of my house.

The weather is muggy and

I like how the light scatters

through the small magic particles

in the atmo-sphere to color

the sky a little red, blue, pink.

like you have dipped rose in

sun's golden light.

It's twilight.

twilight poetry, twilight art, twilight time

Isn't this the most beautiful time of the whole day. Now, that totally reminds of the book twilight and the part where Edward says that it's the most beautiful time of the whole day because it lets him to be what he is and unlike day he doesn't need to hide anywhere during this time. I mean look at the sky during this time, it's so beautiful and pretty along with the moon and some of the brightest stars showing up. Some people will argue that it looks almost the same during sunrise but what makes twilight beautiful is simply what comes after it; night. It makes the existence of stars and moon and so many unseen and unknown objects in the sky more adamant.

what's your most favorite time of these earthly realms? 🌘

Let me know in the comments below.

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Poem by Rebekka Kaur

Picture: @amidst.silence from Instagram

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