Is this home?

cherish the people who get your soul

It's for those to whom the world

feels like home because

many are tuning out the sounds

of life and looking for that feeling

somewhere between the S T A R S,

and when the morning sun hits,

their soul is still bare;

unaware that it needs to go into

the hiding of thick layers of

things it never was.

The soul feels trapped.

So, o human,

If you had the fortune of calling

this world home over

a person or purpose,

It's a privilege.

Not many souls can discern why

the light of stars is not reaching the

atoms which make up their skin,

not many have found someone with

whom they can strip their soul of

human facade and take a dip in the


they are made from.

Not many of us feel like home in this world at times but this poem is for those who have the privilege to call the life we have here, home. It might be because of a person or purpose, at least for me it's that way. We get the feeling called home not because of a place but people around us and partially because of the purpose we have in our lifetime. I still put people at the top of the list because if there is not a single person in your life with whom you can be yourself, life starts to seem hard. It's the people who get us on the soul level which makes us feel home in this world and if you have one of those people in your life, never let them go because that day this place won't feel like home anymore.


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: "The art of animation" on Tumblr.

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