Interstellar message

Interstellar message scifi poem by Rebekka Kaur

The sheet of human skin

on the blue core of my

inner being radiates

a light which nurtured my

presence back on Pleiades,

creating a velvet field

of air around me which

drinks in cosmic pieces lost

in the spaces between stars

at night while I dance

covered in astral dust to the

rhythms playing on the

Interstellar radio kept

on the outskirts of this universe.

What do you think about how the outskirts of the universe must be like? Would there be something special about them or not? Maybe it's a place where we come across people from other universes while crossing the borders! I like to imagine it as a place with a wide-open field and royal blue sky full of astral forces and elements. A place where you can hear the universe singing and find people dancing to that beautiful melody.

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