In the grand scheme of things

In the grand scheme of things

I look for the reason

behind the presence of Jupiter

orbiting the sun & the rings

around Saturn.

I look at the earth harboring

life to the millions of species but

what about the other nine and more

known and unknown rocks which are

distant from our home star.

What's the point of them?

In the grand scheme of things,

Maybe that is the next pit stop

of humanity in a journey called life

or maybe their tons of moons

dancing around these rocks will

have the honor.

- Rebekka Kaur

Have you ever thought what's the point of all the other planets in the grand scheme of things? Planets that are even farther than our reach but still within the reach of our solar system, yet still unknown and unexplored. Jupiter might be saving the earth from hundreds of years by being a shield to her from the asteroids that are rooting for the destruction of the earth! But what about Uranus or Neptune or Saturn! Did you know that though? That Jupiter being the largest planet with an excessive amount of gravitational force attracts all the asteroids towards its surface. I wonder what would happen to the Earth if it just didn't happen to exist?

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