Homo sapien

The stardust in your bones

is engulfed by the architect

of human DNA,

O human,

Are you going to fight for

the piece of land on the chunk

of rock revolving around

the same star whose dust

has formed the inner

the core of your very being?

Are you going to cut open

the skin under which the astral

river of milky way flows hoping

that you will find the universe

entitled to a religion?

Are you?

Are you really going to do that?

- Rebekka Kaur

Homosapiens, It's a scientific name for human beings. A scientific name of us. Do you know, there were a total of 7 human species which existed on planet earth. They were known as,

- Homo Sapiens

- Homo Neanderthalensis

- Homo Erectus

- Homo Floresiensis

- Homo Habilis

- Homo Rudolfensis

- Homo heidelbergensis

Homo Sapiens initiated a war against other human species to trounce its rivals thereby making them be the only human species on earth.

We have been doing it from the very beginning? Haven't we?

Isn't the stardust in our bones is lost somewhere in the human DNA? Because surely we let the DNA do the talking most of the time! Fighting for religion, a piece of land, color of skin, putting the other gender down. Always going on wars over things that don't matter! We do have come a long way I guess, but there is still a very long way to go. I hope that we cover the remaining journey fast enough.

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