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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Dear stars,

Now that summers are here & Jupiter

is back on my side of the hemisphere.

Let me tell you what my idol home planet looks like.

Because I used to think about it all night in winters,

sitting under the blanket of a room that has no

windows through which light can enter otherwise.

So, it's a little purple & little blue where the

oceans are not as deep as they are here on earth but they are clear,

Almost, looking like a transparent dream.

The sun is there but it's not so bright.

I would say it's warm enough and just the way I like.

The skies are clear and the stars always peak

through & bless my home with their silver light.

The moons, they are trailing behind my homes

like goddesses looking over my home whether it's day or night.

It's my home, a little blue sometimes, a little purple and bright.

This piece is very close to my heart since it's clearly my thoughts and activities put into a single poem. In summer, every evening I have a habit of taking a cup of cold coffee on the terrace of my house while I look at the stars. The main point of attention in the night sky for me is two stars, one is Jupiter and the other is Antares. On the other hand, these visits are reduced to zero in winter season due to the cold and I miss the stars so bad because my room doesn't have any window through which any kind of natural light from stars, sun or moon can enter my space. So, this season while I was inside waiting for the summers to come back I thought about what my idol home planet would look like. I hope you enjoyed the poem.

- Rebekka Kaur

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Picture credit: @indg0 (Instagram)


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