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The spirit of my home

is settled in my bones and

it sings lullabies to me

every now and then,

when I feel the distance between

the stars and me is too much,

when I feel that am alone.

Even when I am gazillions

of kilometres far away from it,

the cells of my earthling body

dance in harmony with the

atoms that are rested deep in the

core of my home.

Even when I cannot indulge in

the reminisce of it the way

my soul does,

my home still calls out to

me every night,

reminding me of the light

I am made up of.

The spirit of my home, yes it has one. I'm made up of the same atoms as my home is and my home and me are the same. So, even after travelling the entire cosmos and living lives in different universes, my home is still there. It calls out to me every night when I look up at the stars questioning the origin of my existence. Though, my earthly senses are not able to hear the answer that comes through but my soul listens to every bit of it. My home loves me even after all these light years of travelling and the gazillions of kilometres of distance between us because we are the same.

- Rebekka Kaur

Picture credit: @wowmello on Instagram

The account has beautiful astral visual arts

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