Highway number - IPƎI

soul flying in space

I will drive my soul

to the highway number - IPƎI,

the one that goes to the

celestial rock I was born on.

I will stop by the gas stations

on the entrances of black holes

and will lose my way following

the meteorites once in a while.

When I will be tired,

I will make a pit stop on the planets

abandoned a millennia ago and

ask others about where they heading to.

Sometimes I will also stand under the

light of moons which are pink,

blue, yellow in color and soak in

stories they have to tell

and when I will finally reach the home

which is beyond the spatial three

dimensional grids of this place,

I will take a nap until morning

comes and I have to be back to

where I came from, the 3-D world.

What if when we sleep, we visit our home? We say we are sleeping but what if we are awake somewhere else during that time? What if this world is a dream and we are just sleeping in our homeworld dreaming of this every night?

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Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: Aldous Massie on Instagram

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