Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Do you feel me

when the dust settled on

the threshold of the house

I live in leaves the earth's

atmosphere on an expedition of

searching you through the entire cosmos?

Do you feel me

when that interstellar dust

finally comes to rest on

your foreign skin & seeps

through each and every pore

of it to broadcast a message

to your soul which says;

It's time to come home.

I will search for you in each &

every nook of all the universes, baby.

This poem talks about a person who is in love with the person sitting galaxies apart and the only way to send a message is to encode the feelings in the dust which is settled on the threshold of the speaker. The dust travels through seas of galaxies, stars and Interstellar material swarming in the space up there only to settle on the skin of that one person sitting light years away from the speaker! That dust carries a message for that person!! A message which says, It's time to come home.

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