Drive me to Iceland

If today this world starts falling apart,

we will drive to the farthest corner of

it in your black wagon r,

It's old and dusty,

and some parts of it are rusty,

I K N O W.

But it will be a perfect ride for us

to leave the flawed world behind,

and loading it with the suitcases

filled with flavors of life we lived

in the streets of our city which

were narrow and broad.

When you will ask me, "where to?"

I would say Iceland and before

you say this car won't make it that far,

I would say probably not,

B U T W E W I L L,

and that's enough for you to

kick start the engine and navigating

the route for the destination

where we can start all over again,

for once and all.

This poem is about a couple deciding about where to drive their car towards because the side of world in which they used to live has come to end. They have to find a new home now and for that, the girl wishes to take up the guy's old wagon r because they have so many memories attached to it. Late-night drives for ice cream, movie, or enjoying the rains. This was the car he came in for the very first time to meet her, so it's special. When the guy asks where does she wish to go, she says Iceland and he is about to say that there is no way that this old car will make it that far. But we will, she says and that's enough for them to get going.


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: Merging what belongs together on Tumblr

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