cosmic drums

human representation of earth

The earth was shaken by the

cosmic drums being played

somewhere out there on the

borders where this reality fades

into thin air and now it was

time for her; the earth,

to shake off what didn't serve her.

It vibrated and the beats traveled

to the core of it simulating

a new world on every inch of her

S U R F A C E.

The world humans failed to

create was formed in the absence of

S O M E O F T H E M.

This is a fall of one more human civilization;

that's what the remaining ones will call it.

This world is in the phase of pandemic and as any intelligent civilization should do, we are trying to fight it. We might not fall this time but this is an inevitable truth that someday we will, maybe the reason won't be this pandemic. Maybe it will be something else. The greatest of human civilizations have fallen at some point, the Mayans, the Greeks, Egyptians, Aztecs, and there are many others. Old structures have fallen apart for the formation of a new one and I don't know what makes us think that it won't happen again. This is what inspired me to write this poem and I hope that you enjoyed reading that.


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Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by Lisk Feng

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