Constellations under her spell

Sometimes she picks stars from constellations and consumes them,

breaking the magnificent pattern of stars

in this celestial sphere

and other times she breathes fire into the dead ones

bringing the long-dead celestial geometry back to life.

- Rebekka Kaur

The constellations feel like some kind of celestial geometry, don't they? I loved this word. It fits perfectly for this term and I'm actually very fond of stargazing but hardly I'm ever able to figure out any constellations because I live in the city and the sky here is not as beautiful as it is on the countryside. So, next time I visit some countryside place, I'm definitely going to learn about a few constellations because I would totally love that. But, I'm very fond of a star called Antares in the scorpii constellation. It was the first star I ever noticed in the night sky and ironically it happens to be one of the brightest star in its constellation and Scorpio is also my zodiac sign. I still don't miss out on noticing it while I'm on my evening walks and I have become quite good at recognizing it. Antares has got little red tint and it's quite close to Jupiter.

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