stargazing while camping in mountains

Under the cover of an interstellar field

I sat in the park all night outside of my 67' microbus,

on a deck chair with a mug of a coffee in my hand,

I was looking at the stars but

was hoping for something more,

not because I wanted to record

it or take the picture of it,

but because I wanted to believe that

there are other territories and universes

I can choose to be in.

That I haven't been coming

back to this place time and time again,

that there is a choice that I can make.

So, today I was thinking about what it will be like if I was sitting in a big park right now and looking at the stars and this poem is what I came up with. Under the cover of an interstellar field, I would sit and I used the metaphor "Interstellar field" for the night sky filled with stars to convey how does the night sky actually feels to me. It's like a garden full of gateways to different worlds and this kind of camping is something I'm looking forward to doing it once this world is back to being a much safer place.


Do you like camping?

and if you have ever done it, what's your favorite spot?


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: Joe Lillington

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