Blind reads : Enmity by CK robertson

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

"Enmity means a feeling of strong dislike or hate for something or someone."

Enmity YA series Enmity book 1 CK robertson
Enmity Book 1 by CK Robertson

Enmity is a 2018, 265 page novel by CK Robertson. I came across this book by one of her Instagram posts and I’m glad I did as the book was totally worth reading.The book starts with a map which is basically called the north and south or Lornelands and The Dror.

The story starts with an ordinary girl name Maia who is living with her parents in a place called Dror. Everything is merry and joy until she unexpectedly gets kidnapped by some Azgad soldiers who are serving Than. Now, Than is some ruler who has already taken over the north side which is called Lornelands and is now wanting to take over the south which is Dror. Basically, Than is some bad ass guy who is all woo hoo with technology and clearly isn’t fond of magic. For him magic is danger to his rule and to the science itself and to his dismay there are people in Lornelands and Dror who have magic in their genes. Now, anybody who doesn’t agree with his belief system or even has little of magic in their DNA is killed by Than and its army. So, in order to live you have to bow before him and agree with his regime. Then enters a guy named Aldrik who shared the same fate as Maia and is taken by Azgads. The story takes a twist when Maia fights through all this and finds a place where magic is not something to be hidden. It’s a routine. Callan Redar is the guy who takes her there. He is the part of Baldhere army who fights against the Azgad army. On the other hand, there is guy named Kai who lives alone with his dad. His two younger brothers are now part of Azgad army which makes him cringe when he realizes that his brothers have a role in destruction which is happening all around them. Despite all the chaos around them he is living happily with his father but one day fate changes and he ends up in the same place as Maia.

How did Maia escape the Azgad army? What is that place where they are going? Will it be safe? How does Kai ends up being there? Where are his brothers? Will Baldhere be able to win against the army of Than?

Read the book to find out.

Now of course I don’t wanna kill your thrill by summarizing the whole story so here was the sneak peak into the book.

The text in the book is very easy and simple to read and besides this is also on point. There were no mistakes in the book which adds to the fun of reading. The story will keep you glued to the end and will make you ask for more just like me and that is why i'm eagerly waiting for the second part of the book.

This book is enlisted in kindle unlimited which of course makes it free for you if you are a member of it otherwise it is worth Rs.449 or $6.43 for an ebook format.

Currently the paperbook format is available in US only which is priced at $11.78

My rating for the book will 6.5/10.

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