Apocalypse of technology : Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Station Eleven is a post-apocalyptic novel written by Emily St. John Mandel in the fall of 2014

Why the title station eleven?

The title of this book is attained from the comic written by a character Miranda in the story. The comic has a spaceship named station eleven in it, which is of the size of Earth's moon and Dr. Eleven is a physicist living on it along with some of the humans. A few years back Earth got ambushed by the aliens and enslaved the human civilization but the lucky ones were able to flee the planet on time and get on the station eleven.This is how we got the name of our book.

Coming to the beautiful cover of our book. The cover of this book has two versions; one is the US and the other is the UK

Station eleven comic written by miranda
An excerpt of the comic written by the one of the characters called Miranda in the book

Let's talk about the US version of the cover first

The US one has three things worth noticing in it:

1. The little knives symbol under the name of the author

2. The set up of tents on the cover

3. The dark night sky with stars being clearly visible.

The little knives are nothing but a tattoo made on the back of right wrist of the character Kristen. The two knives indicate that she has killed two people by now in her lifetime. The tents are set up by the traveling symphony of which Kristen is a part of. once they make a stop somewhere, they set up these tents and live in them. The clear night sky with shining stars shows that after the apocalypse, lack of air pollution led to the reduction in smoke in our atmosphere and finally stars were visible everywhere in the sky.

station eleven by emily mandel fiction novel
Front cover of the book Station Eleven (US version)

Coming to the UK version of the cover

The UK version has two things to talk about

1. One is the deer which is just in the center of the front side of the cover

2. Second is the street light on the back side of the cover

The deer in the center of the front cover stands tall while there are buildings at the back which states that it's in the city and not in its usual habitat which is Forest. This depicts that in post-apocalyptic world nature has overpowered the creation of the humans in a very short time and the Earth is coming back to its natural self. For the deer, the whole place is it's home now. The street light on the back side of the cover is not in it’s working condition. Now I know that because first, it’s not throwing any light and also there will be no electricity in a post-apocalyptic world; obviously. The beauty of it is that the street light is all covered in the beautiful veils and leaves and again it shows that nature always overcomes everything and anything.

review of station eleven book by emily mandel UK version fiction novel
Front cover of the book Station Eleven (UK version)

Review of the book station eleven fiction novel
Back cover of the book station eleven (UK version)

The story

Here we are at the story part now, before I talk about the protagonist or antagonist; let’s talk about the character who was the central character of this story. Each and every character in this story is connected to Arthur Leander who is a successful actor. He has three wives Miranda Carroll, Elizabeth Colton, and Lydia Marks. Clark Thompson is Arthur’s best friend since his struggling days in the film industry. He also aspired to be an actor along with Arthur but eventually takes up the road to become job training executive. Kirsten is an 8-year child actor working along with Arthur Leander on the set of the play King Lear. She sees Arthur as his mentor and feels close to him. She always reminds Arthur of his only kid; Tyler Leander with his second wife Elizabeth. He lives with his mother after the divorce of his parents. Then, there is Jeevan Chaudhary who is a paparazzi turned journalist and journalist turned paramedic. A person who came across Arthur from the day he rose to be a successful actor and till the last day of his life on the set of King Lear. This was all before the apocalypse hit the earth in the form of Georgia flu. This planet changed after the apocalypse and so did the lives of the people who were living on it. Kirsten was never able to see her parents again and found something which fulfilled her dream of becoming an actor in a post-apocalyptic world. It was the traveling symphony. She met new people who became her family in her new life. Clark got to live long enough to see what became of Tyler Leander and some hard choices made Jeevan Chaudhary survive in all this but the question is; is survival sufficient? Will they all be able to thrive? People were lost. Some were away from their homes and wishing if they could make it back to the home somehow and people who were home were forced to leave it to survive. There were people who were away from their families and wished they could be with them in these difficult times and there were people who were with their family and had to witness them die. How did the lives of the characters in this book change? Who was able to make it and who was left behind to die? The book is available on Amazon for purchase. My rating for the book will be 7/10

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