Hailey's comet at dawn, 1908 by elizabeth shippen green

I have been wishing for the

annihilation of this human world,

so that humanity can be saved.

I don't know if this makes sense for you

because sometimes my words don't

make sense to me at all.

They come to me as a message

from unmoving stars looking

at me from the edge of space.

But just so that you know,

The voice says that if there is

a choice between saving thy world

O R T H E U N I V E R S E,

we will with good grace

C H O O S E T H E L A T T E R.

Annihilation; means complete destruction. This poem starts with a random thought in a person's mind which is talking about the destruction of the human world so that humanity can be saved. This person is sometimes not able to make sense of the words which have traveled from the edge of outer space to him but he still wants the readers to know that the voice in a person's mind is saying, if ever they have to choose between the human world and the universe itself, they are going to save the latter.


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by Elizabeth Shippen Green, 1909

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