A mission

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

You were walking on the shore of a turquoise ocean, looking at it and feeling so blissful. You are grateful for the mother nature that your beautiful planet has provided you when suddenly you feel someone coming towards you. You turn to look before that person was even really close to you and smile. It’s your friend, but right now he comes with a message. He works for the higher council just like you and as he gets closer to you; you understand what is it about. That’s the perk of being home, you get to use all of your senses and you are not bound by anything. The higher council has called you for the meeting.

“Shall we go then?” He asks.

“Why not?” You take a sigh.

“Is it another mission?” You question him.

“I guess so and I heard it’s not going to be a very long one.”

“Oh! Is it so?”

“Yeah! Five hours more or less.”

“Oh! It must be Earth then.”

“Probably. You like that place, don't you?”

“Hah! That place is chaotic in an amusing way. So many things are happening there in just a single moment. It’s the only place from where I come back full of diverse stories to tell.” You say.

“How long do these 4 hours seem on earth?”

“83 years, give or take.” You tell your friend after doing a quick calculation in your mind.

“Oh! I hope they give you something interesting to do this time. What did you do last time?”

“I was a snake last time! Looking forward to being human this time, though.”

“Well, you know if you get to be that then they are going to take you as a council member.” Your friend smirks.

“Yeah, only if I complete every mission assigned to me in 4 hours. Tell Sasha, I will see her on dinner tonight.”

“I will.”

You enter the council house walking towards the room where everyone is going to tell you about all the things you have to do in four hours or shall I say 83 years.

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