A letter to the universe

A letter to the universe poem by Rebekka Kaur started soul poem

To the stars who

have always listened

to me with their open heart,

To the moon who

has always thrown

her silvery light on

my darkest parts,

To the sun who has

nurtured with its

golden light, my psyche

& its flowers.

To the oceans who

cleared my soul of the

dust I have caught from

this world so far.

To the dreams which have taken

me to the places drifted apart from my

Consciousness and

are now lost.

I love you all.

This poem is a letter to the universe, its moon, stars, oceans, dreams, and everything. This universe has nurtured me in the most beautiful way and filled my soul with its infinity. I am the universe now.

- Rebekka Kaur

Picture credits: @morysetta from Instagram

Totally in love with the beautiful art by this account ♡

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