A dive in the galaxy

Cosmos and chaos in women goddess

I can dive in the pool of galaxies

which her eyes are and I will

fall in love with the ocean she is.

The ocean of incalculable worlds

like the one in which we exist.

I will pull out the strings of

order just to show her that,

she is not just the chaos,

she is both and everything between.

I will tell her that she is

the origin, evolution, change, and death.

She is not just a philosophy.

She is the complex system of

orderly and disorderly arranged

atoms and molecules.

I was just a figment of her,

a figment of what she is.

so, it's important for me that she exists.

This poem is about the beauty of a woman who is both cosmos and chaos. She is aware about the chaos she creates but is not aware of the order which exists because of her. She credits herself for the chaos but forgets to credit herself for the cosmos. She doesn't know that she is both cosmos and chaos and everything which takes place in between.

She is the origin, evolution, change, and death.


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: Serena Malyon on twitter

Visit her twitter profile to take a look at such beautiful illustrations drawn by her ♡

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