New book release

A new book which is titled as "The stardust in my soulbones" is out now! It's a collection of hundred poems talking about my trips around the Milkyway and beyond.  

Grab the book to read about the interstellar journey my pen has spilled tales about. The book is available in English on Amazon and if you happen to be the subscriber of kindle unlimited you will be able to grab it for free. To know more click here.

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Featured posts of this week

Do you feel me

when the dust settled on

the threshold of the house

I live in leaves the earth's

atmosphere on an expedition of

searching you through the entire cosmos?

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What if you are here because you are on some sort of trip or mission? What if actually you are here for just a few hours but it feels like years and that's the whole trick? In reality, once you die you are back home with your family and telling them what did you do on your work today while eating the dinner? Just like you do here on earth once you come back from office.

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